Instagram couldn't refresh feed[100% fixed]

We get a nostalgic and wistful feeling while scrolling down and seeing a different type of entertaining content at every time, but this nostalgia turns into maudlin when we scroll and it shows that Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

We all love to watch and share videos and photos having unique and fascinating content, Instagram is a famous social media website, where we can share thoughtful videos and other multimedia messages among our created pool of friends, where we have our followers, we can showcase ourselves globally all around the world with this platform.

In this article, we are going to understand the reasons and solutions for Instagram not refreshing the feeds from the following points

Why Instagram shows couldn’t refresh feed

  1. The Servers can go down
  2. Cache is overloaded
  3. Internet speed is slow
  4. Wrong setting of Date and Time
  5. Blocking by Instagram
  6. The application is out of date

 How to Fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Log out from Instagram
  3. Restart your Phone
  4. Reinstall or Update the App
  5. Request for removing the block
  6. Inquire with the customer support team
  7. Delete the overloaded cache
  8. Alter the data limits

Why Instagram shows couldn’t refresh feed


It’s almost impossible for Instagram servers to go down, as the servers are managed and owned by the Facebook company, which is top 500 fortune company and uses a highly advanced server technology, but there can be strange events where the server can stop working and can go down due to which, Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.


The cache is a very important temporary file, which gets loaded on your device storage for speeding up the feed updates, but overloading of these cache files can lead to indecorous functioning of your device, because of which, Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.

Internet speed

Your low internet speed can be the prime reason for Instagram not refreshing the feed, maybe your network signal and wifi signal is down or is not so fast to update your Instagram feeds, Instagram requires a fixed limit of data speed for updating feeds, Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed if it does not get that limit of internet speed.

Wrong setting of Date and Time

We can also show that Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed if you have set the wrong date and time on your device, which is different from the date and time settled in the backend of Instagram.

Blocking by Instagram

Instagram is a leading social media website that follows the ethical source of entertainment and communication, it has created some policies which support ethical or decent content and restrict the posting of unethical content. Instagram couldn’t refresh your feed if you are posting unethical content and will block you.

The application is out of date

 In our busy schedule of life, we often forget to have a look at our Mobile or applications, which results in our application being outdated, and also if there is no update in the application, Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.

Ways to Fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed

Log out from Instagram

There are many ways to refresh a device, and similarly, we can also refresh our Instagram application by logging out of it, to log out, just go to settings and select log out, and after some time, log in again by entering your details.

Restart your Phone

There can be various software issues in your mobile phone or device, which is restricting high data consumption and by which Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed, you can restart it by pressing the power on button for a long time or you can find the options of ‘restart’ in setting segments of your device.

Reinstall or Update the App

Instagram is an innovative social media company that creates new features and functions every coming day, and if we will not update it, then Instagram couldn’t refresh our feed, so you can reinstall or update it by going on Play store with a search of Instagram.

Request for removing the block

At first, try to contact Instagram through the mail, to know that they blocked you if you get the reply of blocking then request them to remove this block by giving a guarantee of not posting the restricted content on Instagram through the mail.

Inquire with the customer support team

Every company has a core customer support team, which helps its users and consumers in difficulty. Instagram has a very transparent and efficient customer support team, you can solve your problem by calling their customer care number.

Delete the overloaded cache

Cache files are the temporary files that are not so transparent in our storage, you can search and delete these cache files, if they are overloaded, go to storage and check that, are the cache files are overloaded?.

Alter the data limits

In Instagram, there is a feature where we can set a maximum level of data limit, if we consume more data than the maximum level, it will stop refreshing the feed and you will not be able to see the contents.

Fix your internet connection

There can be some problem in your broadband server or mobile network connection because of which you are not able to see your feeds on Instagram, you can check it wisely by talking to your local broadband provider or by checking your network connection on an online data speed checker.


It’s not the first time that an Instagram feed has to stop being shown to anyone, so please don’t panic in this situation, you can use the above solutions by matching with its reason. 

Instagram is a market giant company, it will not let its users be so compelled in this condition, just wait for some time and try to find the reason and solution, as early as possible for starting your Instagram feeds again.

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