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Are you looking for breakup quotes that can express your inner feelings? Well, In that case, we can surely help you as we have a lot of sad broken heart captions. We can understand your pain so we brought a lot of unique captions that you can use in your profile.

After a breakup, one has no clue what to do next and what not to do so we have added motivational breakup quotes to overcome the pain and concentrate ahead in life.

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Want to see some cool love breakup quotes or broken heart status we got you covered let's check out all the captions below.

Broken heart status for Whatsapp

If your heart is broken by someone whom you deeply loved and wanted to be with her for the rest of your life unfortunately your dreams are shattered and broke into pieces. To express your emotion through your social media you can use the below-mentioned broken heart quotes.

1. You taught me how to live with you but forgot to teach me how to live without you.

2. Its hurts when I see I'm not there anymore.

3. Life is not the same without you.

4. Still my broken heart beats for you.

5. Never Ever come back otherwise I will fall in love again.

6. Never expected your love for me will end this way.

7. Crying in the rain so that people don't know what I'm going through.

8. Feeling sad that you are no longer with me.

9. You are not here but your memories will always be.

10. I wish I could erase you from my mind like an eraser.

11. Be happy but don't repeat the same.

12. You were always my priority but I never knew that I was your option.

13. Trying to get over it hope someday I will.

14. One of the biggest mistakes is loving you.

15. Treated you like a queen and still couldn't make you happy.

16. Alone and happy.

17. One day when it will be too late you will realize that you have lost the gems in search of the stone.

18. There will be ups and downs in life but without discussion how could you leave me.

19. A broken heart knows how to tackle a situation.

20. Something is missing without you.

Breakup quotes for him

Breakup quotes for guys who fell in love and got cheated or broke up with their partners. We have 20+ breakup quotes for boys which you can keep as status in your WhatsApp or Instagram.

1. Honey, I still love you though you are not here.

2. My heart got broken into pieces the day you left me.

3. Boys are strong but not their hearts.

4. It's good that you left now I can focus on my career.

5. I loved you but you betrayed me.

6. Wherever you stay be happy.

7. I don't need Breakup quotes or captions to express my emotion.

8. Living with a broken heart.

9. I learned to love myself thank you for leaving me.

10. Want to see you happy always.

11. What was my fault that you did even turned back.

12. You lost me.

13. I will never want to see your face again.

14. Thank you for being with me.

15. You are one of the golden parts of my life.

16. A day goes like a year.

17. Being single is better than being with fake girls.

18. Yes, I feel lonely not because you left me the main reason is I can't find myself.

19. I will always treasure those moments which I have spent with you.

20. Every day I wake up check my inbox and sleep again.

Breakup Quotes for her

Girls mostly love to share their pain and happiness on social media. So we have here a lot of broken heart captions for girls which you can check out below.

There are 20+ Breakup quotes for her to check out.

1. A loyal guy will never break your heart.

2. The one who left you was never yours.

3. Tried my best to keep it going but you didn't.

4. A day will come you will realize what you lost and regret for the rest of your life.

5. Can't believe it anymore.

6. When you left you took away everything from me.

7.  Just surviving with the pain that you have given.

8. Pain that I'm going through will surely come back to you one day.

9. Just a matter of time the way you made me cry someday someone will do the same with you.

10. Happy that you left.

11. Don't think I still love you as I shared many breakup quotes and captions.

12. If you don't move on breakup quotes will never help you.

13. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my life again.

14. A broken heart knows how much pain it is going through.

15. Life without you is like a sea without water.

16. The day you left is the day you killed an innocent soul.

17. My love for you was unconditional.

18. Your ego is your enemy.

19. Be happy wherever you are.

20. Someone somewhere is waiting for you.

Attitude breakup quotes

Recently broke up with partners and want to put some unique breakup captions no worries we are here with attitude Breakup quotes for you. You can use the broken heart status with attitude in your social media.

1. No relationship no Problem.

2. "Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened." — Dr. Seuss

3. "Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser." —Drake

4. Enjoying life.

5. Don't worry nothing lasts forever.

6. You left but don't come for an autograph.

7. Breakup is the new opportunity to find someone better.

8. Forget and move on.

9. Move on is tough but not difficult.

10. Move on is the best thing you can do.

11. Always smile it will burn them inside.

12. Be happy.

13. If not happy then leave it.

14. If someone breaks your heart just thank them and leaves.

15. Leave the person who doesn't respect you.

16. True love always stays in the heart even though it doesn't exist physically.

17. True love will always find a way to be together.

18. Happiness is when you are planning to break up but other people do the same.

19. Let's have a party tonight.

20. Finally it's over.

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