Check Instagram login activity [100% working]

Want to know how you can secure your Instagram login or how you can check Instagram login activity then you are in the right place just go through the article.

Instagram is a big social media giant, every other platform just roams around it. Every day more than billions of creators upload, download, edit and market a dozen stuff in it. This platform has created a prodigious level of value in the market, which carries all identical data of its users.

Instagram Login Activity

We all know that Instagram receives a very big number of logins, but with this, it also gets attacked by many cunning hackers. If you are an Instagram user, then it might be very bad for you to know that your Instagram account can be hacked at any time and anywhere within a second.

But don’t worry, you can create a very efficacious shield for your account by taking a simple measure of safety and security.

Login is the first step to entering your account on Instagram, your Instagram login activity plays an important role in protecting your extravagant data and account.

In this article, we will learn how to secure our Instagram account by doing a proper login activity from the following points

  • What is Instagram login activity?
  • Why check login activity on Instagram?
  • How to secure your Instagram login?
  • How to log out from Instagram?

What is Instagram login activity?

Instagram is a very transparent social media platform where we can easily create and delete our accounts, it consists of some uncomplicated initial steps. 

Sign-in is the foremost step of getting into Instagram, after which we create an Instagram account and log in, and we all are ready to get started with our journey of exhibiting ourselves to the whole world.

Instagram Login Activity

We should be very careful during doing our Instagram login activity, it’s a very crucial step in our Instagram journey, where we are needed to log in with a very strong password, which cannot be traced easily by a hacker.

Instagram login activity is a process by which we initiate and track the group of login activities happening in our account, this is a facility provided by Instagram to its authentic and hardworking users. 

We should try to analyze our login activities every day, it will provide a great insight into activities happening with our Instagram account. The login is one of the preliminary steps to access the control of your Instagram account.

Why check login activity on Instagram?

We are living in a great digital era in which the threats of saving or data is more than utilizing our data, we need to be very cautious while logging in and out of any platform or website present in the online world, we need to check our Instagram login activity to know that there is no-one other than you accessing your account.

This can be done easily by using the Instagram login activity feature, which is very helpful in tracking the activities done by using your account. 

You have to follow the following steps to use the Instagram login activity feature.

  1. Start the Instagram app on your Mobile
  2. Sign in by filling in your personal details and create your account (avoid if you have created your account earlier)
  3. Log in with your username and password.
  4. Click on your profile icon, you will be landed on your own profile page
  5. Click on the top-corner menu of the screen, e.g.,
  6. A side menu will be seen there, there will be various options in it, select the settings option from it.
  7. A new menu bar will be open with various options, select the security option from it.
  8. As previously, a new menu bar will open with options, select the login activity option from it.

By the end of this step, you will be able to know all the login activities happening in your account.
(The steps are particularly made for mobile users, as most of the Instagram users use mobile)

How to secure your login on Instagram?

We can secure our login by using both basic and high-end methods of protecting our accounts from being hacked. These precautions can be taken by you yourself, but if you are a highly followed creator and totally dependant on Instagram, then I suggest you take the help of a cybersecurity team or hire a cybersecurity expert who can help to defend your account from strong cyber-attacks.

The following are the preventive measures that can be taken to secure your Instagram login activity

  • Change your password every day or create a very strong password that is very hard to trace.
  • Use antivirus software packages that are specifically made for securing Instagram login
  • Don’t log in to a stranger's device, it may be spied by Hackers
  • Set auto-login mode in one of your very trusted devices, it will remove the step of logging in.

If you are not going to use it for some days, then log out from the device in which you were logged in.

How to log out from Instagram Safely?

If we are satisfied by tracking all the activities occurring in our account by using the Instagram login activity feature, then we can log out from that device safely with ease.

The following are the steps of logging out from Instagram

  1. Click on your profile icon, as shown in the above explanations
  2. Click on the top-corner menu of the screen.
  3. A menu bar consisting of various options will open
  4. Select log out option from it


Instagram is a very high-demanded social media platform from which you can earn both fame and money, it is like a bank account whose login activity is needed to be secure for keeping our money safe from thieves and hackers.

The Instagram login activity feature is a very helpful feature provided by Instagram which is our strongest device against cyberattacks and bullies, we should utilize it resourcefully to be free from the tension and worries of our Instagram login securities.

Be cautious and aware while logging on to Instagram from any of your devices and go shine in your Instagram journey.

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