How to underline text in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very famous freeware messaging application, widely used whole around the world, it is the leader in its field with almost having a monopoly in messaging application segment, it is used by a very diverse array of users, who totally depend on WhatsApp for their day-to-day work, people share their messages in various forms like text, voice, memes, gifs, images, hyperlinks, audio, video, video call, etc. 
underline in whatsapp
It also has many other idiosyncratic features and functions. Users utilize this distinct number of features in a very optimal way, they share the text in Italic, bold, asterisk, strikethrough, and with many other options, but even with so many features, WhatsApp misses with an inbuilt underline feature, which is very disheartening. 

Every WhatsApp user has this type of question in his mind: how to underline in WhatsApp? And can we underline WhatsApp? So, we can definitely underline our text in WhatsApp, but not through any of its inbuilt features. Instead, instead, we can use third-party apps, which will help us to underline the text in WhatsApp. 

BlueWord is a message formatting app by which we can easily underline our text on WhatsApp with adroitness. Let’s understand about underlining and underlining in WhatsApp the following points. • Why is underline used in the real world? 

• What is BlueWord? 
• How to underline WhatsApp through BlueWord? 
• How to underline in WhatsApp status feature through BlueWord?
• How to underline in WhatsApp about features through Blue Word?

Why is the underline used in the real world?

We are living in an era where typeface styles like Italic, bold, asterisk are used widely in message formatting various elementary and official works. Underline is one of the most widely used text formatting styles in the world. A text is mainly underlined due to the following points
  1. To give the right titles distinct from regular text
  2. To show the importance of the name of a place, person, title, etc
  3. To shed light on unknown words
  4. To bring attention towards an important word
  5. To highlight reference words and numerals
Underline have very significant importance in text formatting, WhatsApp users can’t compromise with the underline feature, even after the unavailability of an inbuilt underline feature, there are questions asked that how to underline in WhatsApp for every time, there are many third-party apps made for providing underline feature in WhatsApp, so we can understand by this that Underline has a very soaring demand in the real world.

What is Blueword?

BlueWord is a font generator and formatting application, which is mainly used for editing text fonts in various styles and features provided by BlueWord, you can easily find it online or in the Play store for android users, we can use it on any device from PC to Mobile phone, it works fine in every type of device, there are many other applications working on providing message font generating services but they are not in the level of competing with BlueWord. 

BlueWord contains a simple and facile UI for its user, we can easily preview our desired style of the font from the search bar, then copy and paste it on the chat, it has a thousand different varieties of designs and patterns, which we can apply on our font. 

BlueWord is mainly popular for providing an underlined feature in WhatsApp messenger. There was a time when people were confused about how to underline in WhatsApp, but Blue Word has come out as a savior by providing access to the underlining feature in WhatsApp.

How to Underline in WhatsApp using BlueWord?

First, you need to install the BlueWord app from the Play Store, then follow the given points.
  1. After installing it, open it on your phone powered with android, you will find a list of font styles.
  2. Go down and click on the underlining option.
  3. Now type the word which you want the message
  4. Now, click on the share symbol, you will get to see a list of apps. After clicking it, select WhatsApp from it.
  5. You will see a list of contacts from it, select the contact to whom you want to message.
  6. Then click on the send symbol to send it.

How to Underline in WhatsApp status feature through BlueWord

You can underline in the WhatsApp status feature the following points.
  1. Start BlueWord application and go to underline
  2. Write the message you want to put on the status and click on the share symbol
  3. Now, the WhatsApp application will get open, click on my status and upload the written message by clicking on the tick mark symbol.
  4. You will see that your written message is now in underlined form, click on the sending symbol to share your underlined symbol as a status.

About the feature BlueWord to Underline in WhatsApp

WhatsApp was once called WhatsApp text status in the earlier days of WhatsApp. You can underline in the WhatsApp status feature the following points
  1. Start the BlueWord application and go to the underline.
  2. Write the text which you want to write in the about section of WhatsApp, then copy it to the clipboard.
  3. Start your WhatsApp application and click on the three-dot symbol at the top of the screen.
  4. Now, click on your profile pic, you will find a section written as ‘about and phone number’.
  5. Click on the about section, then tap on a pencil symbol.
  6. Paste the copied text from BlueWord in it.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging application, on which people rely for all of their communication work, and they have all right to use the underline feature for their Texts, but as the inbuilt feature for underline is not present in WhatsApp. 

So, people can use the BlueWord application for underlining their fonts, BlueWord is a very authentic application that is specifically made for providing font styles and designs for all of your work, there are also some other third-party apps, which we can be used for the underline feature but they are not so reliable.