[60+] Best Wedding Captions for Instagram

Your wedding day is an enormous milestone in your personal life, and coming up with the right wedding captions to remember your special day can be quite a difficult process. As much as you think about different wedding photo captions to help you locate the perfect caption to reflect your beautiful life update, as well as to share with friends and family. It's important that you don't just use any old description, but one that fits your wedding.

Best Wedding Captions for Instagram

Wedding captions play a major role while you upload any picture or status about your wedding so before posting you must check out cool and unique captions for Instagram that suits your personality. 

If you are a bride you can just check the wedding captions for the bride where you will get a lot of caption ideas that will surely make your post attractive. If you are a groom you also can do the same and check out the wedding captions for groom sections below.

Best Wedding Captions for Instagram

Bored of the same old captions and looking for some new and latest captions to post your wedding pictures then you are in right place. Here we have a lot of wedding captions that you can post on your Instagram handle. You can use the below captions as pre-wedding captions on Instagram.

1. The best feeling is when you are meeting the man of your dream.

2. Finally life is moving to the next stage.

3. Two birds in one cage.

4. Best day of my life.

5. We are officially together forever.

6. Getting married to an angel sent by god.

7. On this day an angel met a king of his own world.

8. Here is my better half.

9. I want you to hold my hand in all ups and downs of my life.

10. The perfect place for us is together.

11. My love is with me today.

12. A new journey together.

13. Need your prayers for our new journey.

14. I believe Marriage is sacred because it makes me feel alive.

15. I got my happiness when I met her.

16. We will be together till death apart us.

17. Still falling for you darling.

18. If I ever get a chance to be born again I would love to be with my wife again, She is everything for me.

19. Celebrating our journey to forever.

20. Together we filled our life with happiness.

21. When she is with me I forget everything.

22. I still get attracted to her every time the way I got attracted for the first time when I met her.

23. Never thought life will be this beautiful with her.

24. She is the reason behind my happiness.

25. Can never see her cry.

26. We started our new journey and we will make it the best.

27. Two love birds together.

28. Want to be with him always and forever.

29. Marriage is where two heart meets and live together forever.

30. Best Moment of life that I can't express in words.

Best Wedding captions for Bride

Captions for the bride are the most important thing for a girl who got married recently and wants to post something on the internet to show friends and family. If you are among them then you will get a lot of Best Wedding captions for Bride ideas which you can use in your pictures as captions or you can put those as status on your Facebook.

Marriage captions for Instagram pictures should be attractive otherwise people will not see properly.

1. Here I'm with my better half.

2. Marriage is a dangerous journey, good luck to both of us.

3. I love you like no one can love that much my baby.

4. You are my heart that beats every second.

5. A day without you is like a year in prison.

6. God has given me someone with whom I can live happily.

7. I love to be around him.

8. He is the apple of my eyes.

9. I love him like a kid loves his favorite toys.

10. I love the perfectness of this imperfect man.

11. He is the main reason for my happiness.

12. Spend a beautiful evening with my man.

13. Evening is the best time when I like to hold his hand and go for a walk.

14. The moment I saw Him, is the moment when I lost my heart.

15. Heard dreams come true but from today I believe that.

16. With my dream man.

17. Love is like water it always flows to its destination.

18. He is my ultimate destination.

19. Together we can conquer the world.

20. He is my strength.

Best Wedding captions for Groom

In this modern world uploading photos of any event is trending. So like that Wedding is one of the biggest events for an individual in their life and most of the people shares their picture online with boring captions so to avoid this mistake you should check some of the best wedding captions for groom in our list below.

1. She is my lifeline.

2. Let me share a picture of our new journey.

3. She is the one about whom I used to dream.

4. She loves to keep my face glowing.

5. I am here for happiness for a lifetime.

6. Whenever you feel low just remember one thing I'm always there my baby.

7. Holding her hands for this photograph was just an excuse.

8. A dream girl in my life.

9. Cheers to us.

10. I just want to grow old with her.

11. I finally have my happiness with me.

12. She is the bride and believes me she is prettier than anyone.

13. She stole my heart and my surname.

14. She is my cute teddy bear.

15. She is the one with whom I want to go for a long ride.

16. She is part of me.

17. Without her I'm incomplete.

18. And then a love story continues.

19. My love for her is an infinity that I can't even say how much I love her.

20. Every morning I just want to see her, when I wake up.

Funny wedding captions for Instagram

Want to share some funny moments of your wedding with funny captions then I think you are about to get some ideas about what you are looking for. Check out the below list of funny wedding captions for Instagram.

1. No crying like an ugly cat at the wedding.

2. I hope my wedding will be as good as my DP.

3. Life was running smoothly but here got a break fail.

4. It was a marriage at first swipe.

5. All you need is a club and this handsome man.

6. Do we look like a married couple.

7. Don't cry make-up is getting dirty.

8. Makeup man be with me every time and slap me when I start crying.

9. Finally a guy becomes a man.

10. A perfect beginning of an imperfect story.

11. Wise men do not marry.

12. The day when two hearts became one is the day one heart became a bodyguard.

13. Finally boss is here.

14. Want to live a happy life stay single.

15. Never marry.

16. Today is my wedding day so let me eat the cake first like a monkey.

17. When you are married don't be late.

18. Wedding day is the only day a man gets feeling of a king after that you know the story.

19. After the wedding day a software developer  "Can we revert the changes and go back to the previous version".

20. She decorated my life the way she wants.

I hope, you liked our wedding captions for Instagram, please feel free to share this with your friends.

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