[100+] Latest Flirty Instagram captions for boys and girls

If you want to get the attention of your mate, then you should use some flirty Instagram captions. There are so many cute and romantic ways to flirt with people on Instagram. If you want to know how to make your post look more flirtatious, read on to discover some of the best examples! And don't forget to share them with your partner! The more you post, the more your mate will see you! 

In the digital age, flirting has become very common, and there are plenty of people practicing this trend. That is why if you want to do flirting with anyone then you must use some flirty Instagram captions to keep the conversation going.

Flirty Instagram Captions are one of the most effective ways to get attention. When you are in a playful mood, using flirty captions can increase the chances of getting liked and commented. If your picture has a flirtatious theme, use a funny caption that complements the theme of the photo.

Using flirty captions on Instagram is a great way to attract attention and get more likes and comments. Whether you're trying to attract a hot guy or a girl, these captions will definitely catch their attention. Just remember to use your imagination when writing these captions. They'll make you stand out and get a lot of comments. So, get out there and start flirting today!

Best Flirty Instagram Captions

Try out some of these ideas for flirty captions for Instagram. These will make your posts more interesting and appealing to your followers. They'll be able to see that you're not afraid to show your feelings. Besides, you'll be catching the attention of other people if your photos and captions are a little bit flirtatious. If you're not the most sexually inclined person in the world, you'll find some cute ways to spice things up.

1. You have become the reason for my happiness.

2. Looking at me nothing to be embarrassed about because I know deep down you like me.

3. If you are reading this I know you are interested in me.

4. I'm falling for you like an apple fell on Newton's head.

5. Every morning I wake up just to see your text.

6. By seeing you I get the feeling of writing a book about you.

7. I love the way you are.

8. Believe me you exactly look like my next girl.

9. Flip a coin if it is head you are mine and if its tails I'm yours.

10. Let's make it simple, I love you.

11. You know what I was doing? I was thinking about you.

12. I need your love for the whole of my life.

13. You want to taste something amazing then kiss me.

14. Thinking about you is my regular duty.

15. Have a look at my eyes you can see your paradise.

16. If I ever get a chance I would marry you.

17. I Know how to kiss perfectly.

18. I'm just a call away from you baby.

19. Let's hang out baby.

20. I'm feeling cold and I need your warm hug.

Flirty Instagram Captions for boys

If you have a boyfriend who is not so keen on flirting with you on social media, try posting fun and playful captions on his Instagram. This way, he will be able to see what you're all about without feeling like you're trying too hard. Regardless of your age, boys can find a way to convey a message in a playful way. Here are some ideas for best flirty Instagram captions for guys.

1. Yes, Right now I’m only thinking about you.

2. I only dream of you, even when I’m awake.

3. I'm in love with you.

4. I just love the feeling when you are with me.

5. Is it love at first sight? no, it is love at every sight.

6. My day is incomplete without seeing you.

7. Excuse me, why are you so sexy?

8. You are the dream that I want to see every day.

9. You are my teddy bear.

10. I can cuddle you the whole day as I do with my teddy bear.

11. Let's burn some calories, I heard kissing burns a lot of calories.

12. Are you cute or do just feel you are cute.

13. Seeing you going to school in front of my house is my daily routine.

14. I have asked your contact not your kidney.

15. Get the hell out of here and before that hug me tight.

16. Are you looking for a place to stay well my heart is always open for some special person like you.

17. Get it or forget it.

18. My Dream is you.

19. Can you tell me how to live without a beautiful soul like you.

20. Everything seems beautiful when you smile.

Flirty Instagram captions for Girls

Some of the guys are too experts in flirting but some guys don't even know how to do flirting. So people who don't know how to do flirting by using captions can refer to the list of cute and best flirty Instagram captions for girls that guys can use. Flirting instagram captions are the most searched topic on the internet so if you want unique, cool, and latest flirty Instagram captions just scroll down to see.

The best Instagram captions for girls should be creative and show that you're confident in your appearance. Be yourself and don't be afraid to be yourself. Just be yourself. Don't be shy to ask her out or make her laugh. Moreover, you should pick pictures that show your personality. Once you're sure you're making the right impression, you can start posting cute pictures and captions. You'll get more likes and comments if you use creative ideas.

1. We are sleeping in two different beds, then definitely one of us is in the wrong place.

2. Hey, take some rest now, You’ve been running in my mind all day.

3. Do you wanna see a magic trick? Give me a hug.

4. My stars said the woman of my dreams is reading this right now.

5. Not many girls can mesmerize me. However, you’re an exemption because you can do it effortlessly.

6. I’ll bring the guns, you provide the buns.

7. Don't look at me like that you will fall in love with me.

8. Look once and you’re mine.

9. Just one kiss baby.

10. I’m the boy god has sent for you.

11. You just need a high-five. In your lips With my lips.

12. It’s never illegal to be beautiful.

13. The best therapy to keep stress away is when I think about you.

14. Here, take my heart and enjoy my whole life.

15.  You are fire and I'm ice, baby!

16. Time changes but this heart will never it will be always for you.

17. Hey, are you a thief because just now you have stolen my heart.

18. I feel the same as what fish feels without water.

19. If nothing lasts forever I want to be your nothing.

20. Spending time with you is my favorite time.

Flirty Instagram captions for selfies

Looking for some cool flirty Instagram captions, well you are in the right place here we have a lot of funny, sad, happy, couples flirty Instagram captions for you. To use these captions you can just choose the best one and copy that and then paste it on your Instagram.

1. A selfie for a beautiful soul.

2. Flirting is a kind of game and I know how to play it well.

3. If you don't know what you are missing in your life see this selfie.

4. You are too awesome just like me.

5. Let's do it, babe.

6. Calling you is the best thing which I want to do every day.

7. If I die I will come and sleep beside you every night.

8. When you walk I just want to be beside you holding your hand.

9. The most precious gift I got is you.

10. Can talk whole night with a person like you.

11. When I see you I see my dreams in reality.

12. Let's enjoy the eve.

13. You are the reason why the planet is becoming hot day by day.

14. You are my sunshine.

15. You are my cheese in the burger.

16. Honey is sweet but you are sweeter.

17. When I saw you for the first time I kept the name of our first baby.

18. Hang out with you is what I want every day.

19. Life is short let's chill.

20. Seeing you happy is the best feeling for me.

Good flirting captions for Instagram is very rare to find as we have gone through all the flirty captions for Instagram so to solve that issue  we have brought some of the coolest, best, savage, and latest flirting captions for Instagram which can be used by boys,girls and any one.

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