How to change theme in Instagram - Dark Mode & Light mode

Today, we'll cover all you need to know about how to change theme in Instagram and changing your Instagram theme, from the must-dos and don'ts to the most useful tools, the best techniques, and the best ways to have your theme planned out and ready to publish on Instagram.

The time of year for spring cleaning has here, and this year we're doing a lot more than simply tidying up our closets and drawers. In the event that you've been scrolling through your Instagram profile and are feeling a little uninspired, it may be time to change the backdrop of your Instagram profile.

How to change theme in Instagram

It takes great planning and preparation to make a modification to Instagram's design theme. Whether you want to change the main color or filter of your images or completely redesign your content, you will need a well-executed transition and a clear new direction for your material in order to avoid losing followers.

how to change theme in Instagram (including Dos and Don'ts)

If you follow a few simple rules, you can change your Instagram theme without losing the gorgeous feed that you've worked so hard to create.

Do’s Don’ts
Make a detailed plan for your new theme.   Change your theme at random without a strategy and without any fresh content prepared.  
Create a full 9-grid of daily material to post following your switch in order to drive the old theme to the bottom of the page rankings.   Don't: Choose a theme that is inconsistent with the color or style of your normal content—unless you're completely redesigning your website!  

How to use dark mode in Instagram or change Theme in 5 Easy Steps

There are simply five basic steps between having a concept and having a pristine new 9-grid! But before we get started, let's take a moment to consider what you hope to achieve with your new Instagram theme.

  1. Are you creating a steady transition with the seasons so that your feed appears to be up to date?
  2. Changing your Instagram theme to promote a certain campaign, product, or content shift is something to consider. Are you considering making the transition to a different method of picture editing? Or are you simply wanting to change up the color scheme of your Instagram account?
  3. Establishing the reasons for your Instagram theme change will assist you in determining the most effective method of transitioning and communicating the change to your followers.
  4. Your followers should not notice a gradual season shift since it should feel seamless to them, just as true season changes do.
  5. If you want to promote a piece of information or update your brand's image, you'll want your followers to notice the change as soon as they see it.

How to change themes in Instagram chat

Now that you've gained access to chat themes, you may begin to personalize your conversations. Follow the procedures outlined below to add chat themes to your Instagram direct messages.

Step 1. Instagram should be opened and the messaging/DM icon should be selected in the top-right area of the app.

Step 2. After then, start a new conversation with a theme that you wish to alter.

Step 3. To access the Chat settings menu, select the profile name from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. Select Theme from the Chat Settings drop-down menu.

Step 5. Select a favorite theme from the Themes drop-down menu. Choose a color from the Colors and Gradients menu, if that is what you want.

How to change the background of chat on Instagram

When you select a theme, the chat backdrop/wallpaper will be changed to a pre-selected image or piece of art, and the color of your text bubbles will be changed to a shade that matches the background color you selected.

Please keep in mind that the wallpaper change is effective for both people participating in the chat session. For example, if your buddy is feeling creative and changes the chat theme of your discussion on their Instagram app, the change will be displayed on your end as well.

If you and your partner want to utilize various themes or colors but can't come to a consensus on which one to use, this might generate confusion or conflict. Chat themes may be used in both personal and group conversations. The online version of Instagram does not, however, have access to these features.

Step 1: Choose New Instagram Feed Colors

Choose your new color palette first before you begin the process of altering your Instagram profile theme. Having your new colors in mind will assist you in determining the most effective transition strategy. In this example, @alilabelle changed her color palette from a film-inspired, washed-out hue to a pinker, more vibrant palette. Fortunately, she was able to gradually include film shots with increasing amounts of pink to make the move to her final theme easier.

Step 2: Select the method by which you will change the theme of your Instagram feed

After you've chosen your color scheme, it's time to think about what you'll do in between. It doesn't matter if you want a transition that announces to your followers that you're changing the theme or a more smooth and gradual transition; preparing ahead of time will ensure that the proper impression is conveyed. Transitioning your theme using one of the approaches listed below is our personal favorite:

Step 3: Use Instagram Theme Dividers to your advantage.

Instagram theme dividers are a row of three photographs that appear in your Instagram feed between themes, creating a strong difference between when your old theme finished and when your new theme began. Instagram theme dividers are a feature that allows you to switch between themes more easily.

There are several options for dividers, including three white pictures, a single photo divided into three photos, or any other group of photographs that are separated from the rest of your feed.

Instagram theme dividers may be found by searching for the hashtag #themedivider on Instagram or Pinterest! Alternatively, you may create your own using an app such as PhotoSplit for Instagram.

For themes that are drastically different from the previous theme or for campaigns or events that require special attention, using a theme divider is the most effective technique of drawing attention to them.

Step 4: Make a plan for the content of your news feed theme ahead of time

You'll also need to have your material ready to go in conjunction with those tools. You should have at least nine photographs or videos ready before you begin updating your theme. Why? You want to see your new theme come to life as soon as possible.

Posting a photo from your new Instagram theme on a daily basis can help to move your old feed to the back of the line more quickly. Your followers will be able to observe the development of your new grid. In addition, the transition will be less noticeable because it will be hidden by fresh photographs. The Tailwind scheduling tool is an excellent resource for getting your photographs, descriptions, and hashtags ready to go when you're developing your social media content strategy.

Step 5: Upload your new Instagram Feed Theme to the social media platform.

It's past time! In Tailwind for Instagram, schedule your theme transition as well as your new 9-grid to officially launch your new theme. With Tailwind, you can preview how your photographs will appear in the feed before you upload them. You may also plan your descriptions and hashtags ahead of time, as well as schedule your post!

Its Smart Schedule function will publish images on your behalf at the most convenient time of day. This allows you to gain greater exposure while reducing the amount of guessing! After that, you may sit back and enjoy the transformation of your news feed, which will be scheduled in no time.

Final Words

Instagram's default backdrop and conversation bubbles are uninspired and unpleasant to look at and use. Using Instagram DM themes, you may treat your Instagram messages as if they were a painting. As a result, why not add a splash of color and let your creativity run wild?

It will provide you with something nice to look at even if your friends are making you feel uninterested in them. This means that changing chat themes on a regular basis or without first alerting the other party may be a bad idea, as the changes will be reflected on both your end and the other party's end of the conversation. So these are all about how to change theme in Instagram.

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