Best happy captions for Instagram, quotes & images

Happiness is the key to a successful life, there are many reasons that can make someone happy, and to be honest, people often love to share happy moments with friends and family on social media by capturing pictures or putting happy status. To post something about a happy moment you will need a proper caption so if you are one of such people who is seeking perfect happy captions for Instagram then you are in the right place.

Happy captions for Instagram

In this depressed and stressful world, we have collected a huge list of happy captions for Instagram for you which can be used in your picture to let others know how happy you are.

As we all know happiness can not be defined in a word so we have brought some of the best Happiness quotes, captions, and status for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. To use the below captions you do not need to apply any rocket science all you need to do is just copy and paste the captions from the below list.

Best happy captions for Instagram

Looking for some of the amazing cool and best happy captions for Instagram? well, you must check out the list of our happiness captions, and quotes for Instagram.

  1. When you are happy nothing can stop your smile.
  2. Happiness doesn't come easily.
  3. Always smile because it brings happiness.
  4. work like a beast and enjoy the happiness later on.
  5. You must believe in yourself to live a happy life.
  6. Happiness can be found in small things as well.
  7. Want to be happy try to make others happy.
  8. Happiness is an amazing feeling to boost your mental strength.
  9. Good Health and Happiness are twins.
  10. Today I'm happy because I made my parents proud of me.
  11. I'm happy that I can see tears of happiness in the eyes of my dad.
  12. Think positive and be happy.
  13. Avoid negative people and be happy always.
  14. If you make someone happy, god will make you happier.
  15. Life doesn't bring happiness you have to work for it and snatch it from god.
  16. Happiness can be found everywhere!!!! be cool be relaxed.
  17. Before complaining think about others.
  18.  Definitely, a day with you means a lot because I always feel happy to be with you.
  19. I'm happy that doesn't mean I have to show it everywhere.
  20. Be the reason for someone's happiness.
  21. Happiness is all about what you give to the world.
  22. Live life to the fullest.
  23. One of the best methods to boost your mood is to encourage someone else to cheer you up.
  24. When you realize that you don't necessarily have to be happy, you can begin to be more content.
  25. The power of optimism is to attract happiness. Positive thinking attracts luck positive vibes, positive energy, and happy people.
  26. A profound appreciation for the smallest things in life is the real key to happiness.
  27. Thoughts are things that happen So think positive thoughts.
  28. Simplicity can make you happy.
  29. If it rains, look for rainbows.
  30. If you can see that you have nothing, the entire world is able to submit itself to you as the owner.

Best happy captions for Instagram
Happy captions for Instagram for girl

Girls love to share pictures on Instagram and Facebook but due to poor captions, they don't get many likes and comments so here we are with some best captions and quotes for girls. In the below list we have Happy Instagram Captions for Girls that every girl can use while posting pictures.

  1. A happy face is a beautiful face.
  2. Spend some time making your heart happy.
  3. Keep smiling! and rock the world.
  4. If it makes you feel happy do it again and again.
  5. Keep in mind that there are always plenty of reasons to be happy.
  6. Find the reason to be happy.
  7. Oh, yeah it is a happy day.
  8. You are the one who decides your own happiness So be as happy as you'd like.
  9. If you are happy then you are already 75% more attractive.
  10. Girls who are happy are the prettiest.
  11. You're Never Completely Dressed Without A Smile.
  12. A smile is never out of fashion.
  13. Find your own reasons to be happy.
  14. Happy thoughts and healthy life.
  15. It's amazing how happy you feel after you've made someone else feel happy.
  16. For every minute that you're unhappy, You lose 60 seconds of your happiness.
  17. If someone is a person who makes you feel happy you should make them happy too.
  18. Happy Girls Shine More.
  19. A Smile Is An Adorable Thing You Can Wear On.
  20. The happiness you feel makes you glow.
  21. Imagine happiness as the default state you're in and you'll feel happier than you've ever been.
  22. Happiness is the new definition of rich.
  23. A Smile Is The Most Beautiful Curve On A Woman's Body.
  24. Most people don't realize that happiness isn't confined to any single location. Happiness is everywhere!

Happy Captions for Instagram for Boys

Though boys do not like to show emotion they like to share happiness because guys love to be happy. If you are a boy and looking for some Happy Instagram Captions, quotes, and status then you are going to have great captions from the below list.

  1. In all of our lives, we face some kind of problem that we are worried about making it twice.
  2. Find more things that make you feel happy.
  3. Whatever you do ensure that it's a good thing for you.
  4. Life Is Better When You're Laughing
  5. Your smile makes my heart happy.
  6. You can find a myriad of lovely reasons to be joyful.
  7. You are entitled to live a lovely life.
  8. Smile while you're having teeth
  9. Everywhere and every time I travel, I wish to spread joy everywhere.
  10. Be obnoxiously grateful.
  11. A smile can confuse people.
  12. I can make you laugh.
  13. Laughing is the most effective medicine to improve your life.
  14. It's the little things that make a difference in the world that make a difference.
  15. Whatever you do ensure that you are happy with it.
  16. Boys feel happy when their loved ones take care of them.
  17. Keep smiling because it makes your hater uncomfortable. 
  18. Nothing last forever so keep smiling.
  19. Don't give permission to others to control your happiness. 
  20. Be happy in small things to live a happy life.


Life is very short but people don't realize that they just keep on wasting their time in unnecessary issues and forget to enjoy life and be happy.

So if you don't want to waste your life enjoy every moment and be happy whatever comes your way and post your picture on social media with our latest and unique happiness captions for Instagram.